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There are three ways to increase the length of lashes.

The lashes are too short. It’s too painful to stick to fake eyelashes when going out every day. False eyelashes always feel weird when used! Wood will then tell you three ways to increase your eyelashes. I wish you all the long eyelashes like wood!
1. Apply mascara. If we want our eyelashes to grow fast, mascara can be easily solved. Before using mascara, if you want to curl, you can curl our eyelashes with an eyelash curler and then apply mascara. However, when we use mascara, we can't make eyelashes like spider legs. After using mascara, we can use a comb to produce long-term effects.

2. Use vitamin E, eyelash growth solution. Using and applying vitamin E oil and eyelash growth solution can make our eyelashes longer and longer. It is used at the root of the eyelashes every night after bathing. Be careful not to sleep immediately after painting, as they will slowly flow into the eyes before going to bed. The correct way to do this is to apply a little to the roots of the eyelashes and then brush the eyelashes with a growth solution or vitamin E like mascara. Sisters should never use too many long lashes because they need to be fast and long. Wow, frequent use may have the opposite effect.
3. Vaseline. Little sisters believe that Vaseline is only useful for our lip care. Using Vaseline every morning and evening helps prevent or correct broken eyelashes. If you use Vaseline, you can also make our eyelashes more beautiful and thicker.