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Things to be aware of when grafting eyelashes

In the era when everyone loves beauty, of course, there are also a lot of girls who are going to dress themselves up. Every girl wants to make herself more beautiful, more refined, and more girls now. To choose makeup, make-up can make you more refined, make your makeup look more beautiful, so many people choose makeup at present, they are happier when making makeup, so many girls are now trying to get makeup, but there are a lot of things to note about make-up. There are a lot of people who don't know enough about it at the moment. There are a lot of cosmetics on the market now. There are a lot of kinds of cosmetics. When choosing, it is better to choose a cosmetic that suits you. This will not cause allergies caused by sensitive cosmetics. This is very serious. A consequence of it. There are also many steps in makeup. If you want to paint makeup better, you must understand the steps of these makeups. Under a comprehensive understanding, this can be better. Go for a make-up step. Now I believe that everyone has heard of false eyelashes, or some girls have used false eyelashes. Now there is a good beauty technique, that is, eyelash extensions. There is a lot of attention to grafting eyelashes. Matters, only after a real understanding can be better to do the grafting eyelashes.

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With regard to the current beauty technology, the beauty of the girls will be somewhat understood. In the current technology is very much, if you want to better complete a beauty technology, then you have to understand, only the real After I understand it, I can better carry out the effect of beautiful makeup. I believe that many people are familiar with the technology of grafting eyelashes now, although the technique of eyelash extensions are very good now, there are also many Note that this technology is now also loved by girls. However, many people do not know some of these basic problems when grafting eyelashes. This is very serious. After a thorough understanding, it is better to complete the grafting of eyelashes.

The first thing to say is that after grafting the eyelashes, it is best not to use your hands or towels to wipe your eyes. The consequences are also very serious, which will not only have a bad effect on your false eyelashes, but even It has some serious effects on your own eyelashes; then on the day of grafting the eyelashes, or within a short period of time when grafting the eyelashes, try not to let the eyelashes get close to the water for too long, so it is very easy to put the moisture of the eyelashes is dry.

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After grafting the eyelashes, the effect on the eyelashes is very significant, so try not to use some eye cosmetics, the effect of not using cosmetics is also very good, now there are many girls after grafting the eyelashes is We do not use any cosmetics, but the aspect of effect is also very good. If you are using cosmetics, don't use some oily makeup remover when removing makeup. This will greatly affect the viscosity and long-lasting performance of the glue you are grafting. After grafting the eyelashes, it is best to use some eyelashes every day, or use the eyelash comb to comb the eyelashes, so that the effect of the eyelashes will be smoother and the effect of the eyelashes will be very good.

I believe that everyone knows that grafting eyelashes are not permanent. After using this technique, eyelashes can generally last for 4-6 weeks, and the longest time is 6 weeks, so eyelash extensions It will also fall off at any time, because the growth cycle of the eyelashes is different, and the maintenance conditions are different, so the time for maintaining the eyelashes is naturally different. In the current question about some of the effects of false eyelashes, it is very good, mainly based on your personal needs and then proceed to graft the eyelashes for you, so that you can better meet your needs, but also because of this effect, So many girls choose to graft the eyelashes.

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Grafting eyelashes are mainly achieved by changing the length, density and curl of our own eyelashes, which can make our eyes brighter and more spiritual. After grafting the eyelashes, it is highly recommended not to use some oily cosmetics. If there is a special need, then you can choose to use some refreshing cosmetics, so the effect is better, when grafting eyelashes Need to pay more attention, because grafting eyelashes still have a lot of precautions, only after a real understanding can be better to complete the effect of grafting eyelashes.