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Three Misunderstandings on Eyelash Extension

1)Myth 1: you can keep your grafting eyelashes for more than three months. ---NO!

If a beautiful eyelash trainer tell you after grafting eyelash it can keep more than 3 months, then you have to be aware of the more well. Any promotional grafting eyelash can long time or even permanently stay is not credible.

Normally, how long can eyelashes keep after grafting depends on factors such as the grafting technology of American ciliary is 30%, the quality of eyelash and glue used in grafting is 30%, and the personal maintenance is 40% after grafting. In general, eyelashes keep for one to three months after grafting. Because eyelashes will experience the period of growth, the period of degeneration, the period of diapause then shedding and rebirth, so the grafted eyelashes will shed with personal eyelashes.

2) Myth 2: eyelash beauticians need not to received professional training, nail artists can do it, too. ---NO!

Eyelash extension requires very professional techniques, the way of eyelashes grafting is to stick every single false eyelash to user's own eyelashes. Every single false eyelash need to be grafted onto the right position that about 0.1mm-1mm far away from user's own eyelashes. This process needs proficiency and professional techniques on eyelashes grafting.

3) Myth 3: cheap eyelashes grafting also has good effect. ---NO!

Why is it cheap? The key reason is the quality of products. There are many eyelash products of very poor quality and low price and many of them can not reach international standard in material, disinfection and stereotyping in order to reduce cost. Some even use inferior glues, which would harm customers'skin and eyelashes badly.

Our company adopts the best materials from Korea in the market and takes strict sterilization to produce private label eyelash extensions, either mink eyelash extension or silk eyelash extension, so will be safer and more comfortable to wear. Cheap eyelash extension can cause a lot of damage to the eye, so you must clean your eyes when you choose to graft your eyelashes.