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Tips to Make False Eyelashes like Real Lashes

Eyelash extensions are wonderful, but they cost a lot of money to fill up each and every couple weeks, so eventually many people had to let them grow out and fall off (a heartbreaking process). Luckily, False eyelashes are getting surely true now — when applied correctly, you can hardly tell that they're no longer real.

Fake lashes often seem to be low cost because they're too perfectly glossy, lengthened and spaced-out. You understand those drugstore lashes that are groomed into alien pointy triangles? Yeah, not exactly what you need if you're going for a natural look. Here are some tips to help you make the false lashes like real lashes. 

All you need is a pair of false lashes and a clean mascara spoolie. Using the spoolie, you should brushes out the stiff falsies. The process isn't delicate — you can scrubs the lashes to create separation and a rougher, more natural look that actually makes the lashes appear thicker. To finish, you can use the spoolie to make sure the ends have a nice curl. 

And it's definitely harder to make some of the crazy lashes these days look naturally like your own, but the best tips include starting out with lashes curled and one coat of mascara on the front and back of your lashes. When you put your fake lashes on, it's difficult to coat the back of the lashes and sometimes not putting mascara on before can make them appear not as black. Apply a very thin line of black eyeliner on the lid of your eye as close to the lashes as possible. This will help hide the appearance of the lash band, as our own lash band isn’t as full usually as the lashes are, making it look like bald spots with the lashes on.

If you follow those tips, your money on lash extensions saved. That's beauty maths!