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Tips to make your eyelashes more beautiful

I believe that many people want to make themselves more beautiful, so many girls can dress up better because they are getting better and better. The choice is that there are many people who can make themselves more refined. However, many people still dont know how to make a full-dress. At present, many people think that they choose to use cosmetics. In the present, cosmetics are very important, especially for girls, almost every girl who loves beauty will choose makeup, and it is better to dress up in makeup, choose a cosmetic that suits you. It is very important, so you can better dress up your makeup. Now you need to choose a cosmetic that suits you. In the present, the choice of cosmetics is better for a variety of choices. Many girls are now able to make cosmetic choices because the market for cosmetics is now very large. According to people's situation to choose cosmetics, I think there should be a lot of people are paying more attention to eye makeup, you can also find professional people to help you choose the right cosmetics for you is also possible, a lot of people are more concerned about their own eyelashes. Sons can do a lot of dressing for their own eyelashes. Now you need to brush your eyelashes. Lets talk about how the eyelashes can make the eyelashes become More beautiful.


Everyone will say that the eyes are the windows that lead people's hearts. Now it is better to make a variety of choices. Now, for your own eyelashes, you can dress your eyes better. The makeup becomes even more beautiful. If you are absolutely short of your own eyelashes or you can't get the effect you want, you can also choose false eyelashes. Nowadays, the use of false eyelashes is It's better, but it's also possible to make your eyelashes more attractive through makeup. Then you can use your mascara to brush your own eyelashes, but there are certain skills. Now you just need to understand this. Some aspects of the situation can better show the charm of eyelashes.


Now, whether you like the more exaggerated eyelashes or the more radiant and natural eyelashes, you will pursue the curling of the eyelashes. In fact, there are some tricks in using mascara to brush eyelashes. In the present, regardless of the thick and exaggerated eyelashes that you like, it is still relatively well-defined and long-lasting natural types of eyelashes, anti-halation and anti-collapse and maintenance rolls. Alice is a relatively large principle when rubbing eyelashes! And it's a relatively simple action to get rid of mascara, then there are some small tricks, and you can make your lashes become thicker, cockier and even slimmer!

First of all, you need to bend your mascara. When you wear mascara, there is a dead angle, which is the eyelashes of the eyes and the end of the eye. Then you can try to shape your mascara and fold it into a 90-degree right angle. This will make it easier for mascara to wipe the place you can't wipe! Then you need to rub the mascara on the toilet paper, which will also make the new mascara that is being used, usually it will be too much careless and then droop the eyelashes too heavy, you can use it before the next use. Wipe on the toilet paper! You can use the zigzag brush method to make the curling more durable. If the whole eyelashes are evenly brushed, it may cause the end of your eyelashes to collapse because it is too heavy, and it is better now. The method can be applied to the root of the eyelashes with a thick mascara, and some of the lighter ones will be used at the end. In addition, when brushing the eyelashes, it is also possible to use some Z-shaped brushing methods around the left and right. The end of the eyelashes can also be combed.


Then you need to brush the waterproof mascara on the outermost layer of waterproof mascara on your eyelashes to make your eyelashes not smudge all day long. But this method is very difficult to unload. You can try to apply a layer of general-purpose mascara and then apply a layer of waterproof mascara at the end. Nowadays, many girls are doing some things about their own eyelashes. It is better to dress up their eyelashes. Many girls also choose to use false eyelashes to decorate their eyes. Just a part of it, there are many ways to decorate your own eyes.