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Tips to teach you how to create a satisfactory eyelash

The eyelashes are thick in the middle. If you want to look thicker in the middle, attach a shorter eyelash to the eyelashes near the head and tail (you can choose 8mm false eyelashes). Eyelashes with a slightly longer length can be grafted into the middle (10 mm false eyelashes can be selected as needed).
If you want a large eye tail, use a slightly shorter eyelash at the end of the eye, near the middle. But it also depends on the length of the eyes of the fairies.

false eyelashes
How to transplant eyelashes and thick eyelashes: Choose false eyelashes according to the shape of the eyes of the beauties.
1. Eyelashes down: You need to use relatively curly eyelashes to transplant, consider CD.
2, eyelashes up: need to use relatively flat eyelashes for transplantation, you can consider JB.
3, your own eyelashes are very rare. In order to prevent your true eyelashes from bearing the weight of false eyelashes, it is recommended that you do not transplant them.
4. If the eyes are not long enough, you can choose the tail lengthening type, which not only can adjust the shape of the eyes well, but also enhance the charm of the eyes.
5. If the eyelids are narrow or the eyebrows are narrow, it is recommended to choose a peaceful and natural eyelid.
It is worth noting that the eyelids of the monocular and medial eyes are more eyelash-like. The same length and curl of the eyelash grafting on the single eyelid will be shorter than the double eyelid, so it is necessary to properly consider the extension of the grafted eyelash. In terms of curling, it is necessary to select internal double eyelids and single eyelids to balance grafting eyelashes and large curls.
false eyelashes
When grafting, it should be noted that a primary eyelash can only graft one eyelash. Otherwise, one eyelash may fall off in advance because it cannot withstand the power of multiple false eyelashes. In addition, if single eyelids and double eyelids have transplanted eyelashes, it is best to add 20 eyelashes on this basis, because this type of eye is more like eyelashes.