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If you Want to Get Your Eyelashes Beautiful, then You should Pay Attention to these Five Things befo

The material of eyelash is so many kinds, how should I choose?

Now the popular is silk and mink hair material. Silk and mink hair are natural products that they are softer than human lashes and they can inhibit bacterial growth and reduce the risk of allergies. The mink material is the highest end of the eyelash material at present. It is necessary to cooperate with the most advanced 6D and 9D technology to grafting, and it can build the effect of explosive concentration like edelweiss.

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Among the styles of eyelash extensions, there is one called premade fans clusters, which 2-10 lashes can be grafted on a real eyelash at the same time, and it's very effective and easy to pick up. Normally it takes half an hour to apply the fans.

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Why do other people take eyelash so good-looking, but be so ugly with my eyelash?

Special attention should be paid to your face shape, and the length of your eyelashes, the curling degree to choose your own style! The curl is divided into J, B, C and D, which are more commonly used. J is ordinary curl, more natural; C belongs to the scrolls, obviously, it is like the curling of false eyelashes; D obviously coiled, exaggerated.

How long can eyelashes last?

In general, when the eyelashes meet oily things, it will fall; When the real eyelashes cannot bear the weight of false eyelashes, it will fall; When there is a stick at the eyelash root, it will fall...... the keep time is about from one month to about a month and a half. The maintenance time of different brands is the same, because the metabolism of human eyelashes is similar!

After the eyelash grafting, the eye is always stung, and is it better to tear the eyelashes?

If you encounter a bad art, or the use of material is not good, which can cause inflammation of the eye. If the eye is uncomfortable, remember not to pull! Don't drop eye drops! We should seek professional beauty ciliary to remove, and we should see a doctor in time.

Does eyelash be grafting more, and the more good-looking?

It is not necessary, because the average natural eyelash number is about 120~140, because one true eyelash can only take one false eyelash, add the relatively soft new born eyelash also can't paste false eyelash, if it is controlled in this scope, the effect that comes out is most natural. If the quantity exceeds, it is easy to cause the original eyelash fracture.