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Types of Eyelashes Used for Lash Extensions

First of all, from the material, the most popular ones are synthetic hair and real mink hair.

So, what's the difference between these 2 kinds of eyelash extension, and why are they so popular?

Let's start with the synthetic lashes, which includes a few styles like mink lashes, silk lashes, flat lashes etc. Also, its curling and shape are very good, and after application, it can obviously reflect the effect of ciliary.

Then, the mink hair, it is a kind of extremely soft eyelash, after applying on the eyes, it can make eyelash bushy, slender, and still very soft and comfortable.

The curl of eyelashes can be divided into the following types:

C curl: the curl degree is stronger, it can be rolled up by the scroll, it looks like a doll, but the part that is stickup with natural eyelash is weak, and it is easy fall off.

D curl: the end of the natural upward scroll, it is suitable for Japanese, it is very natural and it is most popular. The part with natural eyelashes paste are stronger, and the maintain time is longer.

B curl: it can make the thin eyelashes appear dense, without the need to paste the whole eyelashes, the grafting time is shorter and can be used to highlight the middle part.

There are also J curl, L curl and other curls, and the curls can be made according to your requirement.

We should pay attention to the following four points when choosing eyelashes:

Length: 9 mm~ 13 mm, designed for natural eyelash length.

Curly shape: C curl is best suited for natural eyelashes. For the eyelash extension that curl excessively are difficult to maintain, it is not natural enough, and slightly exaggerated.

Gloss: you can choose the matte mink finish or glossy silk finish according to your preference.

Thickness: it ranges from 0.03mm-0.25mm, below are suitable for the beginner.

0.10 mm (suitable for more)

0.15 mm (most commonly used eyelashes)

0.20 mm (when stressed, add appropriately)