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Use Cautions of Animal Hair Eyelashes

The love for beauty is common for all men. With a false eyelashes, your eyes will looks bigger and brighter. However, without industry standards for the current false eyelashes raw materials, some unscrupulous businesses use pig hair and dog hair with low cost which is bad for man’s health for it does not go through the process of disinfection. Wearing the inferior animal fur eyelashes is easy to lead to Infection, eyelid swelling, loss of real lashes and other consequences.

Poor quality of animal fur false eyelashes which has not been disinfected are easy to plug the pores and cause eye inflammation or cross-infection. If you feel tears, itching, pain with animal fur eyelashes, you must remove it as soon as possible, and go to hospital early if the discomfort has further deepened. "Animal hair eyelashes" caused by infection may be related to pathogens or parasites carried on animals. However, The animal hair go through full disinfection like mink hair, horse hair and fox hair is safe.

Animal Hair Eyelashes

You can distinguish the animal fur eyelashes according to the following differences. In general, you can observe the structure of hair to identify the nature of hair. The real hair commonly composed of medulla and hairy is more transparent and it is wrapped with the hair skin outside. So there will be the phenomenon of layering under the magnifying glass, while the pure fiber is relatively thick with big density compared to real hair. In addition, the surface of animal hair will have a natural convex surface, while the fiber is more uniform and neat.

If you want to buy animal fur eyelashes, you must choose the high quality brand which is clean and safe. Dark brown or black are suitable for women all around the world. Soft false eyelashes are more comfortable to wear up. Remember to use the tools and glue undergo the process of sterilization, then you can be worry-free to have beautiful big eyes.