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What are the 4 most common methods of affixing false lashes?

Eyelashes are the focus of many male and female friends. They are all important parts. Although the eyelashes are small, they can improve our confidence in life and career, and make up for the soul window of our hearts. For example, it is veryAnime characters and popular stars in many countries have big eyes, and they don’t know how much they get with thick and long eyelashes. Slim and thick false lashes are what many people dream of, but things It’s not as beautiful as the mind thinks. The cruelty of reality makes some people put on the eyelashes and then draw the eyeliner to make up for it. But how to use false eyelashes to add their own dual purpose, in addition to the complete eyelash method, you can also
The following four most common methods of affixing false eyelashes can also meet the needs of different eye types.

false lashes

1, the popular lazy method of the public, the whole row of false eyelashes. First, you need to measure the eye shape of your entire eye first, then remove the excess eyelash part, apply a small amount of glue on the bottom of the eyelash, and paste it from the middle.

Then flatten the ends, very simple operation, suitable for all kinds of eye types and also popular with the public.

2, natural law, single cluster false lashes. In order to pursue the natural eyelashes, the entire length of the eyelashes can be divided into several small clusters, and the number of five or so is a cluster, and then the segments are pasted into the root of the eyelashes to increase the original eyelashes.

The degree of density, the interval between single clusters can be controlled by themselves, and it takes a long time, but the effect is very natural.

false lashes

3, charm makeup, eye-tailed false lashes. The length of the eye-tail type depends on the whole row between the single clusters, which is slightly shorter than the whole row, but longer than the single cluster. When pasting, it is biased toward the end of the eye. When the curled length is transferred to the eye

In the end, the eyes look enchanting.

4, bridal makeup, multi-layer false lashes. The multi-layered false eyelashes are an enhanced version of the full row and the end of the eye, usually used for bridal makeup and stage makeup at the time of marriage. Multiple overlapping eyelashes can increase the brightness of the eyes under the illumination of the light

The moving effect can also make you like a doll.

The above is to bring you the 4 most common methods of false eyelashes, I hope to help everyone.