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What are the classifications of eyelash packaging boxes?

False eyelashes are now used more. For many girls, it can not only increase the concentration of eyelashes on our eyes but also make them more attractive. Due to the special nature of the material, the false eyelashes need to be properly stored after use to reduce the damage to the false eyelashes, thus supporting longer use. From the current custody, the eyelash packaging box is indispensable, so what are the general packaging boxes now? How is the design? Let's take a look at it today.

eyelashes box
From the eyelashes box, in fact, there are still many choices, and the design is different. Counting the various packaging boxes on the market, the design mainly includes rectangles, squares, circles, hexagons, etc., as well as some special shapes, such as love type, cartoon shape and so on. With the increasing demand for false eyelashes, there are different choices in the design of the storage box, which can be selected in combination with actual needs and preferences, so that it can have a better user experience.
eyelashes box
It's not just about choosing from the design. We also need to consider the materials used in the box at the same time of selection. This should be understood before the actual selection. The box of false eyelashes will also have many different materials, including wooden boxes, iron boxes and plastic boxes. They all have different advantages and characteristics. In actual selection, you may also have a certain understanding. Pick the right eyelashes box.
There are still many things to know about the selection of eyelash packaging boxes. We are optimistic about different designs and materials, whether we can have good treatment, whether we have good storage, etc., so that they can play a good storage effect and reduce false eyelashes. The injury, etc., the above is a brief introduction of the eyelash packaging box, I hope to help you when you buy the box.