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What are the consequences of often grafting eyelashes?

In this world where everyone pays attention to beauty, I believe that no one does not want to change themselves very beautiful, so people will think of all kinds of ways, they want to make themselves become their ideals, become more beautiful, more It’s charismatic, no matter what kind of person, it’s all beautiful, everyone loves beauty, but beauty doesn’t mean that you’re really beautiful. Many people are dissatisfied with their faces, they should think Some ways, so now make-up becomes the girl's daily routine, every day is to make up, makeup can make them beautiful. But it takes a lot of time to make up, but they don't feel that they have anything. They are willing to spend a lot of time to dress up. When making makeup, there is a special thing that is eye makeup. At the time, the most important thing is the eyelash part. They are not very satisfied with their eyelashes, so they choose to use false eyelashes, but they use a lot of time when using false eyelashes. Later, there is a technique of eyelashes. Grafting eyelashes, eyelash extensions provide a lot of convenience for those who love beauty, and let more girls realize the benefits of grafting eyelashes. Although false eyelashes are especially convenient for them, grafting eyelashes also has many disadvantages. You know that you often What are the consequences of grafting eyelashes?

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Let's first talk about grafting eyelashes using false eyelashes to graft onto your own eyelashes. When grafting, false eyelashes may bring a lot of bacteria. The false eyelashes used in grafting eyelashes are all made of animal skin and chemical products. Materials, if you go to the beauty eyelashes shop without strict sterilization, the damage to your eyelashes is very large, so be sure to inquire when using it, otherwise it will easily infect your own eyes, in use It must be strictly disinfected, and the eyelash glue used for eyelash extensions. If the eyelash glue used is not genuine eyelash glue, then the eye damage is also very large, causing some damage to the eyes. If it is serious, it directly threatens the health of the eye, causing redness and swelling of the eyes.

Because eyelash extensions are used to stick false eyelashes on their own true eyelashes, it is very troublesome when washing or sleeping. Especially for girls who are very sensitive to the eyes, as long as the eyes have a little pain, they will hit the eyes, and then they will feel the feeling of tears, but after grafting the eyelashes, you don’t need to make up, this is a piece. Very convenient things, it is best not to be in makeup, make-up is easy to put some makeup residue around the eyes, so it is also harmful to the eyes.

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There is also true eyelashes and false eyelashes stick together. After a month or so, the grafted eyelashes will naturally fall off, and it will inevitably bring their own eyelashes off when they fall off. When grafting the eyelashes, the glue at the root of the eyelashes will not be sticky enough. This will make the eyelashes curl up. At this time, don't force the eyelashes to pull out the eyelashes. This will make the eyelashes fall off quickly, which makes a lot of People feel trouble, but you can prevent this, don't let this happen, then you know how to prevent it?

You can't let the false eyelashes touch the water for five hours after grafting the eyelashes, and you can't steam the sauna. In the future cleaning process, you can try to be gentler, so that there is no harm to the eyelashes. When using makeup remover, do not use some oily makeup remover. Even if you use some oily makeup remover, try to avoid the eyelashes. Otherwise, it will affect the integrity of the eyelashes. This only needs to pay attention to it. Also, don't use mascara after grafting the eyelashes. Mascara will cause some cleaning and other conditions. Try not to paint the eye after grafting the eyelashes. Then don't pull it yourself, otherwise the injury may be your own real eyelashes. If you really need to remove the eyelashes, you can find a professional eyelash remover to disassemble, remember not to pull it yourself. To prevent damage to your own eyelashes.

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If you want to keep the eyelashes after grafting for a long time, and have a layered and neat state, it is best to use professional eyelash strengthening agent and qualitative liquid to care, so you can think about protecting your hair every day. Protect your eyelashes. You can use your eyelash comb to groom your own eyelashes every day, which can effectively make your eyelashes have a neat effect.

In normal times, do not always graft the eyelashes. It is important to protect the eyelashes after grafting the eyelashes. This is very important. In fact, as long as the nursing is done, the general grafting of the eyelashes will not cause much damage. The damage.