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What are the hazards of false eyelashes and how long can they last?

Many female friends feel long and have raised false eyelashes, which makes their eyes more attractive. Therefore, many people want a pair of curly long eyelashes, but some people in our oriental people have eyelashes themselves. It is not long enough, so many people expect a way to pass false eyelashes. So can this approach be hampered? How long can it be protected? Let's take a look at it below.

false eyelashes

If the grafted false eyelashes are improperly grafted, it will cause allergic reactions and inflammation of the hair follicles. Relative to allergic reactions: Grafting eyelashes will use adhesive glue. However, many people have allergic reactions to this glue, and a series of symptoms occur. Therefore, when taking false eyelashes, I want to see if I am allergic to the syrup, and I am doing it before the test is correct. Long eyelashes: Long eyelashes are best seen, but as you get older, the eyelashes become older and longer in the later stages. The curved eyelashes cause the false eyelashes to fall into the eyes, which is very uncomfortable. If it is serious, it can cause inflammation of the eyes. Inflammation of hair follicles: If the false eyelashes are improperly manipulated, the false eyelashes will be attached to the hair follicles of the true eyelashes, which will cause the glue to flow into the hair follicles, hinder the pores of the hair follicles, guide the inflammation of the hair follicles, and in severe cases, pus will form and cause eye diseases. For example, trachoma and pink eye diseases and other related eye diseases.

false eyelashes

The heavy weight of the eyelashes, the quality of the glue, the effort to take the false eyelashes, and the good technique of false eyelashes. In addition to personal reasons, the false eyelashes that are cultivated are easily lost, mainly such as poor quality eyelashes and poor quality glue. It can last for 3 days to 4 days, and if the quality is good, it can be maintained for about 1 week.