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What are the relevant knowledge of grafting eyelashes?

The most attractive aspect of a woman's face should be the eye. In the overall image design of the person, as long as the eye is designed well, the overall image is increased. How to have good looking eyes? Eyelash extensions can be done on the basis of itself. This beauty project can make women's eyes have an immediate effect, which is more vivid and moving. How to make eyelash grafting? How to do it with good results?

eyelash extensions

To do eyelash grafting is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It is necessary to rationally design a grafting scheme according to each individual's eye condition. Observing the person's eyes, the shape of the eyes is different, and the shape and length of the appropriate eyelashes are different. For example, people's peach eyes, different eye types, cannot choose the same shape and length of eyelashes to graft, the effect is the difference. Observe the shape of the eye and analyze the structure and tolerance of the eyelashes, determine the reasonable length of the eyelashes, and ensure the shelf life of the eyelash extensions is extended. For the eyelash grafting project, the tools to be used should be prepared and disinfected. The eyelash glue should be used in an appropriate amount to maximize the adhesiveness of the glue.

eyelash extensions

When grafting, it is best to straighten the eyelashes one by one. Apply a proper amount of glue to the false eyelashes. Stick to the strength of the eyelashes. The human eye is very sensitive. Be careful and careful. Pay attention to avoid dropping into the eyes when sticking the eyelash glue, so the glue can't be used too much. One eyelash is grafted, and the other is replaced. Finally, mascara is applied with eyelashes to increase the brightness of the eyes. Use a cotton pad when brushing mascara. After brushing, don't rush to open your eyes, let stand for a few seconds, and then open the mascara after it has dried. It is best not to use an eyelash curler for eyelash extensions. After the glue is dried, the eyelashes become hard and the eyelash curler may pinch the eyelashes.