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What are the ways to modify the eyelashes?

Eyelashes can be modified in different ways.
1. Paste false eyelashes: This is a powerful means of increasing eyesight and changing eye shape. Especially in combination with sticky double eyelids, the effect is better. In the life and beauty makeup, we must pay attention to the length of the false eyelashes, the density should be moderate. Too long and too dense will create a false feeling. Sticky eyelashes are more suitable for weddings, parties, dances, photos and other occasions.

Specific Adhesive Method: First trim the false eyelashes into a shape suitable for your eyes, then hold the tip of the eyelashes with pointed tweezers and apply cosmetic or natural latex (non-stick wood latex) to the false eyelashes. When the glue is ready to dry, aim at the mascara and stick it from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye. When looking for the first time, don't stick to it, wait for your eyes to open, find the position, and then gently flatten with your fingers. The length of the fake pig hair is slightly less than the length of the eye. The bending of the eye hair can give a false feeling. It will keep the eyeball too deep. After sticking, the black eyelashes will appear stiff at both ends. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a black eyebrow pencil to the corners inside and outside the eyes, gradually becoming empty. When attaching false eyelashes, be sure to keep your true eyelashes together, and do not have a double effect. It can be solved with an eyelash curler and brush mascara. After removal, infiltrate with a little alcohol cotton ball and gently pull from one end of the eye to the other. Then wipe off the glue on the false eyelashes. Once the type is complete, place it in the box for the next use.
2, brush mascara: mascara is an ointment, there are black, brown, blue, green, gray and other colors. Black is usually used to make the eyelashes black, thicker, and slender, while also increasing the brightness of the eyes. Brush the dye, first take the long tube of mascara, pull out the brush, put a little in the nib of the smallmouth, let the brush leave the right amount of eyebrow cream.
How to use: Close your eyes, brush slowly from the inside out, then open your eyes, brush from the bottom, and then brush to the tip of the eyelashes. At this point, the eyes should look straight, try not to move, and apply the eyelashes by turning your wrist. If the lower mascara brush does not brush, such as a brush, be careful not to brush the paste onto your face.