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What can we do to effectively protect our eyelashes?

The eyelashes are hairs that are arranged in rows of chords, which block foreign objects and protect the eyes. Eyes have a very important role in the appearance of people. Slim and curved eyelashes are people's aesthetic standards. Modern people also like to apply false eyelashes to achieve eyelash growth and densification. Washing your face or blinking your eyes can cause your eyelashes to fall off. How to protect your eyelashes?

People worry that after the eyelashes fall off, it will affect the eye effect, which will make the appearance of the eye drop. It is definitely a way to protect the eyelashes. Even if you want to paste false eyelashes or make eyelash grafting items, you need the original true eyelashes, and the eyelashes fall off a lot. It also has an effect on makeup and eyelash grafting. The length and bending degree of each eyelash are different. Each person's eye shape is different. How to protect the eyes? The strength should not be too large to prevent the eyelashes from being pinched off. In addition, do not rub your eyes directly with your face. For the cleaning of the eyes, use a cotton pad to pour water.

Although the human lashes will grow, the amount of falling off is not as good as the growth rate, or do not hurt your original eyelashes. Don't get close to the fire source. Usually, you have to pay attention to the fire. Generally, these situations will not occur, but you should not ignore it. The lashes protect the eyes from dust or other small foreign matter that enters the eyes and damages the eyes. False eyelashes or eyelash grafting are all used to modify the eyes and better beautify the eyes. But be careful when handling, the best is to come slowly, don't be nervous, as long as there is no problem in the operation process, spend more time, eyelash curler curling lashes should be light, do not hurt eyelashes.