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What conditions do you need to meet for grafting eyelashes?

People always have long and thick standards for good eyelashes. Eyelashes are like a small fan, and people laugh more warmly. Eyelashes are a characteristic that people have. They are hair in the upper and lower eyelids, and their color is similar to hair. Eyelashes are long, short, and dense, and long, curly eyelashes can be used to graft eyelashes. Of course, eyelash extensions for a few weeks is relatively good.can be maintained for a long time.

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What is eyelash grafting? It is an eyelash planting technique that grafts other true eyelashes onto your own eyelashes, making them longer and thicker. What kind of eyelashes to graft depends on people's own eye shape and needs, and the grafted eyelashes will increase the effect of beautifying the eyes. What are the conditions for the grafting of eyebrows? In fact, grafting technology is very simple today, which can help people achieve the requirements of long eyelashes. No special conditions are required to complete the eyelash grafting, as long as people want to do it themselves. Grafting eyelashes can be done by everyone, but the quality of the individual congenital eyelashes is different, and the final grafted eyelashes have different effects. The eyelashes are thick and curved, and the eyelashes that grow by grafting are also curved and natural.
eyelash extensions
If you want to make your eyelashes work well, it's better to curl up yourself. If the eyelashes are short and not too thick and not curled up, then attempts to transplant the hair follicles can be improved. Grafted eyelashes can grow, but can this be maintained? After all, it is not originally grown, but it is done by grafting technology. Therefore, it is normal to have eyelashes detached. Usually, if you wash your face or rub your eyes, your eyelashes will be detached, and your own eyelashes will also be. eyelash extensions for a few weeks are relatively good.