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What if the eyelashes are short and sparse?

The eyes are the windows of the soul, and the communication between people requires the eyes to look at each other. Usually, if a person looks good, they will also pay attention to the eyes of the person. The eyes look good, then the five senses will not be ugly. People have a beautiful heart. For their own good looks, they will adopt other ways to modify and improve themselves. What should the eyelashes be short and not enough?


The eyelashes protect both the human eye and the eye, and the eye should look good because the eyelashes should be thick and curled. Throughout the eyes of most good-looking people, the eyes are beautiful, and the eyelashes are long enough and curved. Some people's natural eyelashes are very long and curled, while others have short and thin eyelashes, and they are not tilted. It looks like there are no eyelashes. The difference between having eyelashes and no eyelashes is great, and there is a big difference between curled eyelashes and unwarped eyelashes. If your eyelashes are not curled up, look good, then you can use the grafting method, paste false eyelashes to increase the length of the eyelashes, modify the eyes, and beautify yourself.


Nowadays, the technique of making eyelash grafting is very successful, the grafting technology is more and more mature, and the grafting eyelashes are kept longer and longer. Whether it is to meet the needs of personal beauty or to create a stage effect for the stage work, it can achieve the goal. Of course, grafting eyelashes has the potential danger, that is, the original eyelashes may fall off, so it is necessary to pay attention to the grafting eyelash technology to rely on the spectrum, to find a formal mechanism to complete the grafting technology, generally choose a qualified institution is more secure. In fact, everyone's satisfaction with their eyelashes is different, so there will be different considerations. Whether grafting or other operations are based on people's own ideas.