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What if the lashes are getting faster?

Which beauty does not want to have long, curled eyelashes like a doll? But the girl who has a long curled eyelashes is only a minority. Many people have a convenient picture. It is good to think that it is good to stick a false eyelash. However, if you use false eyelashes for a long time, it may cause keratitis. If you take it improperly, it will make your skin loose. Today, Xiaobian teaches you how to make the eyelashes long and dense in the cheapest and simple way, with natural charm and electric eyes.


1. Use vitamin E to make the lashes longer and denser. Vitamin E is very common, all major pharmacies have sales, the kind of gold capsules, red pigment, pay attention to check the validity period. After you buy it, take out one capsule, prick it with a needle, squeeze the liquid onto the mascara brush, and then carefully apply it from the middle and lower part of the eyelashes. After painting, tilt your head and let the liquid flow naturally into the root of the eyelashes. Apply to the roots and easily flow into the eyes. Apply both sides.

The time to apply vitamin E is best to choose 9-10 o'clock in the evening. At this time, the eyelashes are the fastest growing time. After smear, it helps the eyelashes to absorb nutrients quickly, increase the growth, and stick to it every day. It will have an effect every month.

Tip: When using vitamin E to increase eyelashes, be sure not to let vitamin E flow to the roots of the eyelashes or around the eyes, otherwise it will be easy to make the eye full of fat particles.

2, tea water contains tea polyphenols, has the effect of increasing hair, long-term adherence to the use of tea to apply eyelashes, also has the effect of growing, tightening lashes. After the tea leaves are cooled, use a cotton swab on the eyelashes for three months to see the effect of the eyelashes becoming longer and denser.


Recommendation: When using tea water to grow eyelashes, it is best to use Pu'er tea. The level of tea polyphenols also depends on the quality of the tea. The sister papers must be carefully selected when purchasing tea.