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What is the care of false eyelashes?

The eyes are the windows of the soul, and the eyelashes will make the charm of the eyes fully displayed, but there are also some problems that make the eyelashes too short and too rare. At this time, you can use the false eyelashes to help. When choosing false eyelashes, people must choose false eyelashes with quality assurance so that they do not harm the skin around people's eyes. The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive and vulnerable place.


The quality of false eyelashes with quality assurance is not cheap, so people should pay attention to their usual care. Generally, the false eyelashes with good quality can't touch the water. Even if they are used once or twice, if they are not thoroughly cleaned, they will lose their original appearance. First, people can put the makeup remover on the cotton pad, then gently wipe the glue, and then use a cotton swab to clean it.


People can also use the cleansing milk to clean up. First, put the cleansing milk on the cotton pad, then close your eyes and apply it. This will allow the cleansing milk to fully blend with the glue, then gently wipe it. False lashes fall down and will not hurt the style of false eyelashes, thus protecting the false lashes. This is something that many people should pay attention to.

The care of fake eyelashes requires people to pay attention, otherwise, it will make the life of false lashes short and take care of false eyelashes, which can save people some expenses. The existence of false eyelashes is also an inevitable event. Every girl wants to have a beautiful appearance, which not only can bring many opportunities to people, but also increase people's confidence.