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What is the difference between false eyelashes and grafted eyelashes?

Many female friends are very beautiful now, of course, some people do not love beauty. Because of beauty, many people choose makeup, makeup is a process of beautifying themselves. Beauty eyelashes are an important part of makeup. People's eyes are the windows of the soul. Eyelashes not only make us beautiful but also protect us. Eyes, so that eyelashes are a good part of the eye, but some girls' eyelashes are very short, they want to make the eyelashes thick and curved, so they may choose to apply false eyelashes and graft eyelashes, In fact, there are many differences between false eyelashes and eyelash extensions, so today we will talk about the difference between false eyelashes and grafted eyelashes.

The first point is that the technique of false eyelashes and grafting eyelashes is different. Grafting eyelashes are made according to the customer's requirements, such as the degree of eyelash density, the length of the eyelashes, and what the customer wants to achieve. The degree of the sample is based on these to select the appropriate eyelashes. Then it will be attached to the real eyelashes with special eyelash glue. Grafting eyelashes is also a kind of small surgery. Grafting eyelashes are used to implant hair into the face of the eye with professional equipment, so as to achieve long-lasting encryption of the eyelashes.

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The second point is that the duration of grafting eyelashes is not too long, basically, all in a month or so, because the grafting eyelashes are pasted with special glue, so it takes a while to graft the eyelashes. Paste it to ensure that the eyelash extensions are not too easy to fall off. The grafted eyelashes are their own hair. The survival rate is very high, reaching over 95%. The grafted eyelashes also have some characteristics, so You can choose to trim your eyelashes regularly.

The third point is that the materials are different. The grafting eyelashes are made of artificial fiber made of false eyelashes or animal hair made of eyelashes as grafting materials. Grafting eyelashes are taken after the head is really not transplanted into the eye parts grafting, grafting After the success, because it is the hair follicle of its own hair, it will retain its original characteristics.

The fourth point is that the effect is different. Because the eyelash extensions are fake eyelashes, the effect after grafting is, of course, better, but the false eyelashes will never be true eyelashes. It can still be obvious when you look carefully. See the effect of false eyelashes. Grafting eyelashes Because they are on their own hair follicles, they also grow their own eyelashes, so they have a natural effect. They look like their own eyelashes, slim and dense but natural.

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The fifth point, the price is definitely not the same, grafting eyelashes are generally based on individual requirements, because each person's eye shape is different, glued to their own eyelashes, the shape of the graft is not The same, so we must choose the eyelashes for grafting according to the individual, so that the effect of visually improving the eye shape can be achieved. In general, the cost of grafting eyelashes is different, and the price is generally above 100. The price is also based on The technology of the beauty shop is fixed. Grafting eyelashes are more difficult because of the requirement for extremely high technology, so the standard of charging is relatively high.

The sixth point is different in the time of recovery. Grafting eyelashes are non-toxic black glue that sticks false eyelashes on your own eyelashes, so you will see the long, natural feel when you stick them one by one. You can have long eyelashes after grafting the eyelashes. Because grafting eyelashes belong to a small operation, a small micro-traumatic mouth may be left after the eyelash grafting is completed, and it can be fully recovered three months after the grafting.

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Within four to five hours after eyelash extensions, do not touch the water. Water will affect the effectiveness of the glue, thus affecting the durability of the eyelashes. After grafting the eyelashes, it is convenient to not apply mascara every day. You can apply some eyelash growth liquid every day to nourish the eyelashes. You can use the eyeliner every day, but you can't use the makeup remover with oil when removing makeup, so when removing makeup, Normally use some makeup remover water. When removing makeup, be sure to wipe gently with a cotton swab to prevent the false eyelashes from falling off due to sputum. In order to keep the eyelashes longer, pay attention to the soft eyes when washing your face every day. Do not rub your eyes as much as possible during the day. If you find that there are false eyelashes to be dropped, don't use your hands to rub it. This will seriously damage the long-lasting eyelashes. When the eyelashes are to fall off, you can use a small comb to smooth the eyelashes and wait for it to fall naturally. Falling, about a month after eyelash extensions, you may find that the eyelashes fall more powerful. At this time, you can go to the beauty salon or beauty store to let the eyelashes use professional methods to help you remove the eyelashes.