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What is the experience with eyelashes?

Eyelashes are the focus of many male and female friends. They are all important parts. Although the eyelashes are small, they can improve our confidence in life and career, and make up for the soul window of our hearts. For example, many countries nowadays The anime characters and the popular stars, their eyes are big, and they are accompanied by thick and long eyelashes. I don’t know how much I get. I have slim and thick eyelashes that many people dream of, but the truth is not in my heart. I think so beautiful, the cruelty of reality makes some people put on the eyelashes, and then draw the eyeliner to make up, so I thought of the eyelashes.


In fact, the eyelashes themselves have a growth cycle, and sometimes they fall off. When the eyelashes are attached, the eyelashes are not shaved, but the rest time is taken for a while, and the eyelashes are also beneficial for rest time. The process of attaching the eyelashes is:


1. Remove makeup and clean eyelashes: If it is with eye makeup, remove it first, then clean the eyelashes, then use the eyelash cleaning solution to wet the cotton pad, and use a small brush to smooth the eyelashes.

2. Use the tweezers to take the tail of the eyelashes and take one-third of them to prepare the glue.

3, the glue into the bottle cap, use a pair of tweezers to clip the eyelashes for a third, stay for 10 minutes, stick to the eyes, do not let the glue flow into the eyes.

4, cool for ten minutes, then the same method, the rest of the connection, wait for the glue to dry and then make eye.

5. Completed.

This is a brief description of the above docking eyelashes.