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What is the method of simply attaching fake eyelash?

Many female friends who are beginning to learn makeup say that it is a little difficult to apply false eyelashes. How do you fake eyelashes? Don't worry, let's learn the techniques of false eyelashes and teach you to quickly paste and create beautiful eyes. Paste

Before the fake eyelash, you need to prepare the false eyelashes and glue. And then draw the eyeliner so that you can start to stick the false eyelashes.

fake eyelash

The flawing technique for eyelashes on false eyelashes

1. The stalk portion of the false eyelashes is two sides, and a layer of glue is applied on the upper and lower sides so that the eyelashes cannot be overturned or collapsed after being loaded.

2, if there are no eyelashes that are too collapsed or curled, then the habit of applying glue is usually good.

3, pay attention to the white glue on the eyelids to be disposable, once the glue is attached to the skin, then it is impossible to invisible if you want to re-stick it. If you are not sure, you can choose black glue. Before it is dry, adjust the volume. Warp

4. If the glue is applied after the glue is dry, it will have white traces as shown in the figure. It is better to use a curved brush to make up the eye line. Need to pay attention to, do not use the eyeliner pen to fill the outer eyeliner, the eyeliner has a flow

Dynamic, transparent stems cannot be hanged but will make false eyelashes more obvious.

fake eyelash

Tips for eyelashes under false eyelashes:

1. It is still necessary to distinguish the front and back sides of the false eyelashes. The lower eyelashes are different from the upper fake eyelash. They are shrunk downwards, so the monthly prize water can only be applied to the front.

2, when attaching the eyelashes, do not need to follow the method of the upper eyelashes, do not need to wait until the glue is semi-dry, can be directly pasted. Light makeup can't make up the eyeliner, so you need to fix it once. The lower eyelashes are automatically attached downwards, and after positioning, they are half dry. It can be invisible, much simpler than attaching eyelashes.