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What is the precautions for false eyelashes?

The human eyelashes are short, curved hairs in the eyelids of the eyes. They protect the eyes. Whether it is dust or other foreign matter, or ultraviolet rays, the eyelashes can protect the eyes. And the eyelashes are also good for the eyes, the overall extra points. Why do many people use false eyelashes? Because of the poor quality of their own eyelashes, the use of fake eyelashes increases the beautification effect.

false eyelashes
The false eyelashes used now are artificial or semi-artificial products, which can be used in the daily dressing and can also be used in stage performances and film and television performances to increase the three-dimensional effect. There are many types of false eyelashes available. No matter which kind of false eyelashes is chosen, as long as the actual needs and the eye type of the person are used, the false eyelashes can be guaranteed to be beautiful. How to attach false eyelashes? Basically, I have mastered the methods. It is to match the curvature and length of the eye, trim the eyelashes with too long at the end of the false eyelashes, evenly apply the appropriate amount of eyelash glue to the root of the eyelashes, let it stand for 20 seconds, and gently press it from the eye, the eye, and the end of the eye. True eyelashes. Before the eyelash glue is dry, use the small tweezers to adjust the eye shape and then position it. Use the eyelash curler to gently clip the true and false eyelashes together.
false eyelashes
In fact, the method of use is relatively simple, but in order to actually operate it, you have to try a few more times to get better. Not only do you need to know how to use false eyelashes, but you also need to understand the precautions for use, so that daily makeup can better complete the work of false eyelashes. Pay attention to the strength of the false eyelashes, such as the clip eyelashes should be slightly not to force. The used false eyelashes are recycled, and the collection box is retrieved in order for continued use. The part of the eyelashes has adhesive, which is moistened with cotton swabs and gently removed.