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What is the use of eyelashes?

Everyone knows that now is a time to look at the face, but there are many beautiful men and women who like to make eyelashes. The good looks of the eyelashes depend on the good looks of the eyes, and also prove their personal values. On the contrary, some people's eyelashes are turned down. Yes, flipping down will cause the eyelashes to fall into the eyes, which will make the eyes sore and unable to open. The upward turning is relatively better, and some use the eyelash pencil to turn it up, but there are many people who don’t Know the usefulness of eyelashes, the following describes the use of eyelashes.


Eyelashes have a protective effect. Everyone knows that eyelashes are the second line of defense of the eyes. If there are debris falling around the eyes, then the eyelashes will easily block them from entering the eyes, and the shading line can also prevent sweat and The dust in the air enters the eye, which protects the cornea and the eyeball, and also reduces the damage of the ultraviolet rays to the eyes.

The eyelashes are mainly grown under the eyelids, arranged very neatly, and have the effect of protecting the eyeballs. The eyelashes are divided into slender, curved, black, flashing and energetic eyelashes, which play a key role in the beauty of the individual's eye shape and the entire face.

For the beautification of eyelashes, I believe that most female friends know more about it. Males know less. We can use eyelashes, false eyelashes, etc. If the eyelashes on the lower face are short and small, you can draw eyeliner and lines. Eyeliner to fill their own shortcomings, can always show their most beautiful side, eyelashes grow slowly in the hair, and life is also relatively short, some family members pull the eyelashes when children are small, sometimes cause infection, so do not How to do it.