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What kind of eyelash effect will be better grafted?

At present, people's quality of life has improved, and girls have begun to love beauty. Almost all girls' nature is beautiful. They hope that they can grow very beautiful so that they can have enough confidence. However, some girls are not particularly satisfied with their appearance. There are many ways to make themselves more beautiful. For example, makeup and make-up may be a very common thing now. Almost every girl has tried makeup. There are also many people who like makeup because makeup can make them more beautiful, and girls who love beauty should be familiar with makeup. There is a very important process in makeup, that is, eye makeup, the modification of eye makeup is very important, which girl does not want to make her eyes become big and shiny, this is the wish of many girls, has been realized now This effect is the use of false eyelashes, which are the eye's finishing tools. After using false eyelashes, your eyes will become long and curled. Nowadays, false eyelashes are also very common. Every girl knows and even knows. It has been used, and now the grafting eyelashes are also popular. Many people choose the technique of eyelash extensions to achieve the desired effect. Then, do you know what kind of false eyelashes will be better?

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The first thing to say about grafting eyelashes is to choose a false eyelash that suits you when you choose false eyelashes. This will make the effect more natural. It is still better to say what kind of hair quality effect is the grafting eyelash. It is the thickness of the false eyelashes. This is very important. The thickness of the material for eyelash extensions is generally from 0.07mm to 2mm. The degree is 0.5-0.8. When choosing eyelashes, the thinner the false eyelashes are easier to get close to the real eyelashes, it will be more natural and realistic, but the thicker false eyelashes are denser, obviously Very fashionable. You need to pay special attention to the thickness of the false eyelashes. If it is too thick, then there will be a feeling of weight, not too comfortable, so you can choose the right false eyelashes when you choose.

Then what is said is the color of the grafted eyelashes. In fact, the false eyelashes are all black, but the false eyelashes are not just this color, there are many colors and even artificial eyelashes with colorful colors. Generally, the beauty of eyelashes is very good. If the knowledge of makeup is rich, the more effective false eyelashes can be used. The next thing to say is the shape of the eyelashes. In the current manufacturers of eyelashes, in order to improve the efficiency of the eyelashes, there are also eyelashes that make the eyes appear bigger. Nowadays, the eyelash shape and taper processing on the market can be more artificial. Good to meet the needs of customers, the shape of the eyelashes we normally use is generally round, and the cross-section is relatively flat. Generally, the closer the cross-section of the eyelashes is to the round shape, the more natural it looks.

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Do you know which kind of grafted eyelashes looks more natural? If your own eyelashes are relatively thin, then you'd better not graft more thick eyelashes. If you are more beautiful, your own eyelashes are rare, then you should never graft a very thick shape, so you can avoid Your own eyelashes can't bear the weight of false eyelashes, and it can cause your own eyelashes to fall off.

If your own eyelashes are not particularly curled, then you can't graft very curled eyelashes, because that will cause the eyelashes to split, it is easy to let your own eyelashes fall off, if your own eyelashes are compared Volume, then the same can not be grafted faint relatively flat eyelashes, the same problem, it is also very easy to fork, and will fall off more quickly. Therefore, when grafting the eyelashes, you must make an effective false eyelash according to your own eyelashes and try to choose a curl that matches your own eyelash curl. This will be the best effect of eyelash extensions.

eyelash extensions

The eyelashes that are currently popular are synthetic eyelashes and silk eyelashes and then the eyelashes. Synthetic eyelashes Compared to the other two types of eyelashes, synthetic eyelashes are harder, but the curling and shape of the eyelashes are very good, and after the grafting, it can also show a beautiful eyelash effect; then It is silk eyelashes, which are softer than natural eyelashes. They have a certain shape and curl, and the grafting effect will be more natural. Finally, the eyelashes are very soft, but now There are relatively few selling eyelashes. After grafting, the eyelashes will become thicker and longer, which is very soft and comfortable.

Grafting eyelashes is a good eyelash technique. When choosing eyelash grafting, you must pay attention to the effect of grafting eyelashes. Mainly based on their own eyelashes.