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What kind of false eyelashes can the eyelash manufacturer provide?

At the time of makeup, girls always like to put false eyelashes on their eyes, which makes them look bigger and better, and the effect of the entire eye makeup will double. We like to use false eyelashes. So when we buy, do we know that fake eyelashes have different materials and different styles? What kinds of false eyelashes can the eyelash manufacturer provide to customers? What is the effect of the products they offer?

eyelash manufacturer
In general, the false eyelash products that suppliers can provide are very complete, and most of them are sold in the market. In terms of materials, they will find a special factory to produce false eyelashes of different materials. For example, many student parties will choose cheap and beautiful ordinary material false eyelashes, and such suppliers will also provide them.
eyelash manufacturer
The common material false eyelashes provided by the eyelash manufacturer are not as good as other high-end false eyelashes. The texture will be harder and the use time will not last long. However, the false eyelashes of this material are cheap and are the first choice for many newcomers or student parties.
Secondly, some high-grade fake hair-like false eyelashes will have a better texture than ordinary false eyelashes, and the curl will be higher. However, compared to ordinary materials, the false eyelashes of this material will be more expensive. For such materials, suppliers will also provide them to customers.
Finally, it is a natural hair material. The eyelashes of this material are very close to our original false eyelashes. However, the price of such false eyelashes is too high, and the number of people who choose is not very large. The amount of eyelash manufacturer will not be large, they will basically supply according to the proportion of false eyelash materials on the market, which is more suitable.