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What kind of hair is the best for eyelash extensions?

People who know in the eyelash industry know how to choose good materials. Eyelashes of various materials have different advantages and disadvantages, and can also meet the needs of various people. The most popular ones are population synthetic eyelashes and protein fibers. Chicken feathers, followed by mane, synthetic eyelashes, compared to the other two types of eyelashes, synthetic eyelash extensions will become relatively stiff, but its curling and shape retention is better, after the grafting, you can clearly see The effect is that the protein fiber eyelashes are the closest to the natural eyelashes. The material is soft, and after grafting, it is as natural as the synthetic eyelashes. Mink hair is an extremely soft eyelash. This kind of mink material is rare in the market. After grafting, it can make the eyelashes thicker and softer and more comfortable.

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If you are grafting your own eyelash extensions, first prepare some tools, such as eyelash brush, glue, eyelash curler, air blow, glue, false eyelash remover, etc. First, disinfect the eyelashes, followed by glue sticks. Stick the glue, then fix the false eyelashes with the eyelash tweezers. Do not loosen them immediately after sticking, because this will prevent the glue from dripping into the lower eyelashes. After the solidification is finished, try rubbing your eyes. After the adaptation, you can It is also possible to dry your eyelashes with a small hair dryer or to dry it naturally. In order to avoid not letting the eyelash extensions fall too early, pay attention when washing your face.

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The face washing action must be slowly smashed, and the next day after grafting After that, you can use mascara, but don't choose cosmetics that are too oily.