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What preparations need to be made before grafting eyelashes

At present, beauty is what every girl wants. Now many girls are going to choose a way to love beauty. At present, many girls are going to choose cosmetics to decorate themselves. Every girl will choose a cosmetic that suits herself. There are many types of cosmetics, which can better show the effect, but only if you need to choose a cosmetic that suits you, otherwise, In this way, it is not possible to better display the effect. Nowadays, there are many girls who can choose cosmetics that are suitable for them. In this way, they can better display the effect. If they dont choose a better cosmetic, If you apply makeup, then you can't achieve a better effect, so you still have to choose some better cosmetics. At present, makeup can be said to be the daily life of girls. Nowadays, many girls will do makeup, because makeup can make them more refined, can better show the effect of their own faces, and can be more perfect. So many girls will choose makeup. At present, the steps of makeup are more complicated, but for beautiful girls, it is relatively simple. They will make better makeup. Otherwise, not many people will choose makeup. At present, the types of cosmetics are relatively clear. False eyelashes can be said to be a kind of eye cosmetics that girls like because false eyelashes can better help their eyes. In the current technology of eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are one of them. The following describes the process of grafting eyelashes. However, you need to be prepared before grafting eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions can be said to be a very common beauty item. Long eyelashes also make your eyes enlarge and become more energetic. There is no great danger to beautiful eyelashes, but nowadays, many girls do not do particularly well. The eyelashes are not curled enough, the fan shape is not obvious or they fall off quickly. This is also very disappointing for some girls who are pursuing a sense of experience. In order to make the effect better or more satisfied, you need to understand the current process before grafting eyelashes, so you can prepare in many ways in advance to improve the effect.

Eyelash extensions

Before eyelash extensions, the grafted eyelashes are not attached to your skin but need to be attached to your original eyelashes. Therefore, the length and density of grafting need to be determined according to their original eyelashes. If the eyelashes are short and scarce, false eyelashes that are too long will be unnatural, and it will bring more burdens for the original eyelashes to fall. The quality of the grafted eyelashes is also more important and lighter. Only the shiny false eyelashes can better create some natural feelings. Before grafting, you need to communicate with the eyelash artist in many ways. Friends with sensitive skin need to test sensitivity first. Do not put makeup on your eyes before grafting, as this will affect the adhesion effect. It should take an hour to an hour and a half to graft. It is impossible to open your eyes halfway, so women need to choose a more comfortable posture in advance. When grafting, you also need to use tools to work near the eyelids. The eyelash artist's attention is required, so don't talk casually.

Eyelash extensions

After you graft your eyelashes, the glue after grafting also needs time to cure. It is best to avoid touching the water within one day, and do not apply some oily skincare products around your eyes, this is very easy to cause peeling off. For a period of time afterward, it is best not to rub your eyes at will, to avoid impact by strong water pressure. False eyelashes and contact lenses are better matched, which can better enlarge the eyes. Some girls with glasses are best not to choose some stubby eyelashes for vaccination, which are easy to reach their own eyelashes, and their makeup is not beautiful enough. Grafting eyelashes is not permanent, and it will fall off as the original eyelashes fall off. There is also a transition period for the growth of new eyelashes.

Choose a qualified eyelash store, so that you can experience better service and technology. The quality of the eyelashes or glue will definitely be better. There are many problems that need attention when grafting eyelashes. It is important to understand before grafting.