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What should I do if my lashes are long?

As we all know, any organ of the body is very important to us, and any organ plays an irreplaceable role. Among them, the eyelashes are also very important, it can make our eyes look more vigorous. However, many people in daily life often have long lashes, which makes them feel very painful and do not know what to do to solve this trouble. Eyelashes look long, not only seriously affecting everyday life, but also very unattractive. Next, let me explain in detail how to do it, let us take a look!


Eyelashes can be lengthened by electrocautery, laser, surgical resection, tweezers, scissors, etc. Using tweezers, you first need to prepare a tweezers, then aim at the eyelashes and pull it out along its direction of growth. This method of surgery is simple and does not leave behind. But this method will be more painful and there is no way to cure the trichiasis. Each time it is based on its growth cycle, it should be cleared once a month. You can use scissors to prepare a small pair of scissors, then aim at the long lashes and then cut them off. Because the scissors are sharp, be careful during the cutting process, otherwise it will easily hurt your eyes. However, this method is relatively simple to operate and has no painful feeling. That is to say, after a period of time, the eyelashes will grow again, so it will be cut once in about half a month.


The harm of inverted lashes is prone to conjunctival inflammation and damage to the cornea. Once the eyelashes often stimulate our cornea, it can easily lead to corneal epithelial shedding, which may affect our vision, some of which may even lead to blindness.