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What should I pay attention to when I eyelashes wholesale?

Nowadays, many beautiful eyelash shops, beauty salons, nail shops and so on can be seen in the streets and alleys of each city. These stores are able to graft eyelashes, which brings great convenience to female friends who love beauty. When running such a store, most of them go to wholesale eyelashes. There are many large eyelash wholesale market in China today. So what should you pay attention to for eyelashes wholesale?

eyelashes wholesale

Due to market demand, there are many eyelash wholesalers and manufacturers on the market, and there are many kinds of eyelash materials. Many unscrupulous manufacturers will make a profit and make a profit. Therefore, when choosing eyelashes wholesale, pay attention to choose a brand. Sex, material labels, etc. are relatively clear, reliable eyelash manufacturers and brands can wholesale more authentic, high quality eyelashes.

eyelashes wholesale

What is the material for the eyelashes?

1, rayon. This material is relatively hard, dull after grafting, and the price is relatively cheap.

2. Silk protein fiber. These materials are relatively advanced, relatively analog, and softer than rayon.

3, rabbit hair material. False eyelashes made from animal hair are more complex and softer in texture. They are more comfortable after grafting.

4, licking eyelashes. These types of eyelashes are natural materials and are currently the highest-selling, closest to human hair, with good elasticity and gloss, and are relatively expensive.

Currently, most of the above materials are eyelashes. When choosing eyelashes wholesale, you can wholesale according to your needs. Wholesale goods are definitely cheaper than retail goods. You can choose a brand that is of good quality and has a good brand reputation. Carry out wholesale.