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Which eye type is suitable for which false eyelashes?

In today's society, the beauty of the eyes is nowhere to be seen. Of course, some people have not paid attention to their own values before, and now they have paid attention to them. At the same time, there is a beautiful landscape above the eyes, that is, eyelashes. There are many people whose eyelashes are very lawsuits, so they want to get rid of such problems, but which eye type is suitable for which false eyelashes? This problem has become a problem for many people. Let's take a closer look.

false eyelashes

1, short round eyes: the eyelashes are short before and after, there is a significant extension of the eye shape effect. Usually, this eye makeup eyelash is already very thick, so in the daily makeup, eye shadow only needs to use a smooth eye shadow to brighten it, highlighting the freshness of the makeup. Go to the party. In the evening, all you have to do is add some pearlescent eyeshadows in the center of your eyes to increase the brightness of the flash.

false eyelashes

2, slender eyes: Barbie false eyelashes, Barbie type eyelashes are mostly short and long on both sides, so it is more suitable for trimming slender eyes.

3, eye drops: slender false eyelashes, although the drooping eyes will give people a feeling of dullness, but excessive sagging will appear not aura, drooping eyes through the length of false eyelashes to adjust the degree of sagging, visually increase Here, the slender and delicate eyelashes are more suitable than the thicker type, with a slightly eye-shaped shape. Through the above understanding, we understand that false eyelashes are in principle one-off, but you can be careful if you want to reuse them. Be careful not to morph when you tear them off, but it is generally not recommended to use them multiple times. In addition, there are many things to pay attention to when attaching false eyelashes. You can try it according to the practice provided in the article.