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Which eyelashes are sold well?

Women are willing to let their own beauty, women are willing to toss and spend money for their beauty, in the makeup, women pay more attention to the eye makeup part, and the eyelashes are definitely a subject. At present, beauty eyelash shops and beauty salons, including nail shops, generally have eyelash grafting services. By grafting false eyelashes, the eyes look brighter and the eyelashes are thicker and curled. It is precise because of the large market demand that the false eyelashes of various materials appear on the eyelash wholesale market, especially the 3d mink eyelashes, which is now the darling in the market.

3d mink eyelashes

What materials are there for false eyelashes on the market? Which material has false eyelashes for market and sales?

1.artificial fiber eyelashes. Most of these false eyelashes are chemical fiber materials, which are relatively thick and hard, and the angle of the roll is relatively fixed and easily deformed. In the market, the wholesale price of such eyelashes is relatively cheap. protein eyelashes. This eyelash material is blended with silk fibroin in the fiber to give the eyelashes a natural luster. There are also more options.

3.3D hairy eyelashes. This kind of eyelash is made of bristles. The production process is more complicated. The curling degree and softness are the closest to true eyelashes. After grafting, it is more real. In the wholesale market, this kind of false eyelashes is also the best-selling, the most demanding. The profits are also considerable. Generally, the price of this material for eyelash grafting is relatively expensive.

3d mink eyelashes

3d mink eyelashes are good in material and shape. Customers choose this false eyelash more, but some false eyelashes on the market are not real mane materials, but artificial synthetic or rabbit hair, dog hair and other materials, so When wholesale this type of eyelashes, be sure to choose a larger manufacturer and wholesaler for wholesale to ensure the quality of false eyelashes.