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Which is better for eyelash extensions and eyelashes?

Usually, transplanting eyelash extensions can last for about one and a half months to two months. False eyelashes are more troublesome. False eyelashes implanted eyelids may also be unclean and incompletely sterilized, making them susceptible to infection.

In addition, the safety of the glue used to apply the eyelashes is also important. It is understood that eyelashes should use cosmetic glue, but some informal beauty salons use glue or even 502 glue sources are unknown.

eyelash extensions

No matter which kind of glue, it will irritate the eyes and cannot be used for a long time.

The collection of mascara - the beauty of eyelashes is gradually being valued by female friends. Long and thick eyelashes are what most female friends dream of. Today, due to the emergence of eyelash extensions technology, this luxury is no longer difficult.

Of course, transplanting eyelashes depends on the quality of your own eyelashes. If your eyelashes are thick and curly, then the person with the eyelashes will do the best. The eyelashes after transplantation are not only thick, curly, but also grow a lot, and are natural and comfortable. If your eyelashes are short and not curly enough, you can try a hair follicle transplant.

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False eyelashes, of course, have a color to choose from. The society has become more and more open, and many women can boldly try other colors of eyelashes, so eyelash extensions can also be divided into purple, black, pink and brown. These eyelashes must be mixed with our own black eyelashes, but our own eyelashes do not need to be dyed.