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Which material in the wholesale market has the best false eyelash market and the most sales?

It is said that woman's money is the best to earn, and it is true, especially in things that make women more beautiful, women are more willing to sell their wallets. In the past, women generally chose traditional mascara or a whole pair of false lashes, but neither of them is suitable for all women. Mascara is sometimes easy to smudge, and the whole false eyelashes are not worn by all women, especially It is a handicapped party. Nowadays, the way to graft false eyelashes can be said to be suitable for all beauty lovers, completely saying goodbye to the traditional beauty eyelashes.

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What are the fake eyelash materials used for grafting in the wholesale market? Which one has the best market and the best sales?

1, artificial fiber material. This type of material is artificially synthesized. It is actually a plastic material. It has strong hardness and a low wholesale price. Generally, all kinds of beauty eyelash shops or beauty salons are not recommended to customers, and  comfort after grafting is poor.

2, silk protein fiber material. These types of eyelashes have improved relative to the first quality, and the comfort is improved. It is relatively softer. In the false eyelash market in the past few years, this material is still the best-selling, but in the past two years, because of other better materials. Eyelashes appear, and the wholesale volume of such materials has gradually decreased.

3, licking eyelashes. This kind of material eyelash is the most popular material in the eyelash market. It is made of mane and is the closest to the human body. It has a certain softness and luster. After grafting, it has strong comfort. In the current beauty shop. The customer has more choices, so the false lashes of this type of material in the wholesale market have more market space and the profits are considerable.

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    For the current false lashes market, the eyelashes are more marketable, and both retail and wholesale sales are better.