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Which One Should Be Chosen, False Eyelashes Or Eyelashes Extensions?

The different costs:
Eyelashes extensions: to have eyelashes extensions once can cost between several hundred and several thousand which can be kept 1-2 month with good care. (if you cry eyelashes out carelessly, your heart will be broken.)

False eyelashes: a pair of false eyelashes varies from more than ten yuan to several hundred. But it can be used repeatedly.

The different maintenance:
Eyelashes extensions: within four hours after the eyelashes extensions, the eyes can not soak in water and avoid rubbing the eyes. Whenever it comes to clean the face, you should get away from the are around the eyes as much as possible. But you can use cotton buds to wipe this area.
False eyelashes: you can disburden it off as the time you wear.

The different effects:
Eyelashes extensions: it needs to be grafted according to everyone’s requirement and ocular form of oneself as well as the states of eyelashes. in addition, the effects depend on the materials of eyelashes extensions and the methods of extensions that beautician take advantage of.
False eyelashes: diverse types have diverse effects. We have many kinds of choices so that each result can not stand out.

The different cleaning:
Eyelashes extensions: if you make up, they need to be removed specially. When you use cotton buds, you should be much careful.
False eyelashes: to remove them directly.

The different harm:
Eyelashes extensions: all of them have to be used glue to finish, which will have ore or less influence on the skin. if worse, they will cause the eyelashes of our own to fall off.
False eyelashes: they also need glue to wear, which will do little harm to our skin.