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Which quality is better for eyelash wholesale?

In today's society, some people don't love beauty. False eyelashes can decorate your eyes and make your eyes look bigger, brighter and more spiritual. The choice of false eyelashes has become common in society. False eyelashes are one of the cosmetics products. Some people choose to make false eyelashes. The profit is profitable, but eyelashes wholesale do you know which quality is better?

eyelashes wholesale
There are many types of false eyelashes, such as hand lashes, semi-hand lashes, and machined lashes. If the quality is relatively poor, it will usually be deformed after two or three times. Good quality can be used 5-7 times. In addition to eyelashes, the shape of the eyelashes must also be considered in the stalks of the eyelashes. The stalks are also divided into several types. The cotton stalks are very soft, so they are not tied to the eyelids after good weather, and are not easy to lift. The disadvantage is that after use, the stem is easily deformed when it is torn off, and the reuse rate is relatively low. The plastic stem is a bit harder, but it is a good choice for girls with a single eyelid because it can hold up your eyelids harder, and the qualitative effect is better. More comfortable is the fish line stalk, the state of the fish line stalk will be better, transparent and invisible, can be better integrated, and it is very convenient to use only need to cut a bunch of stickers, tear it off after use When the arc does not change, the only drawback is that it is easier to fall off and lift, but pay more attention to it when you paste it. eyelashes wholesale can choose which kind of false eyelash will be better according to the material.
eyelashes wholesale
More advanced ones are bristles, silk lashes. The quality of false eyelashes should be hand lashes. Hand lashes are very realistic because it is more meticulous and easy to use. You can do some market research in considering eyelashes wholesale.