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Why choose the mane eyelashes to graft

If the human eye is not invaded by foreign objects, eyelash protection is required. Whether it is ultraviolet light or dust or other objects, the eyelashes can quickly respond to close the eyes without damaging the eyeballs. Eyelashes not only have a protective effect, but also have a beautifying effect. In order to make it look more beautiful, people want to increase the eyelashes and graft the eyelashes to achieve the purpose. Why choose the mane eyelashes to graft?

How to choose the bristle material for grafting eyelashes? Mainly this is close to real human hair, the hair is soft and natural, and the gloss is good. Many people make the lashes are the first choice of the bristles, the lashes are natural, just like the original growth, will not feel the violation of the part. Grafting eyelashes is a very common way today, with high safety, and the grafted eyelashes last for a long time. As long as good maintenance, there are fewer eyelashes that fall off. There are artificial synthetic eyelashes, silk protein fiber eyelashes, etc., which are made of grafted eyelashes. The synthetic eyelashes are hard and heavy, and it is easy to collapse the original eyelashes. However, these eyelashes are inexpensive and available in a variety of styles and colors. Silk protein fiber eyelash style is small, the weight is very light, not as natural as the hairy eyelashes.
Do not have only one material to choose for eyelash grafting. The reason why many people choose the material of the mane is to look at the natural nature of this material. It is not easy to distinguish from the real eyelashes. It can grow after grafting. However, it should be noted that this mane is the same as human hair. It does not appear to be curled when it meets water. It needs to be curled with a clip. Pay attention to the lightness when using the clip to roll the eyelashes. Do not use excessive force to break the eyelashes. Glancing eyelash grafting is a choice for people to make eyelash grafting and find reliable storefronts.