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Why do graft eyelashes fall off easily?

Girls are beautiful, and beauty is human nature. Girls are always pursuing fashion. Fashion is essential for them, because now many girls can find their own way of beauty. Makeup is not difficult for girls. Nowadays, girls can choose multiple ways to make up. Such as: choosing cosmetics or going to a beauty salon to find a professional beautician for professional beauty, of course, now choosing cosmetics for their own beauty, this is also more, a more common way, girls can go in many ways Choose cosmetics because there are many types of cosmetics now, so if you choose now, you also need to choose multiple cosmetics to modify your own makeup. However, these are the girls who love beauty. They are very interested in beauty. Yes, you can learn better. No matter how you make your makeup, you need to perform some normal makeup methods, so that you can better show the effect of your own makeup. Eye makeup is very important for girls. Only by doing a good job of the eyes, you can better match the beauty of your entire face. False eyelashes can better decorate your eyes now. There are also many beautiful eyelashes. Eyelash extensions is one of the beautiful eyelashes. Using grafted eyelashes can better show your eyes. Effect.

Eyelash extensions
Many people are in doubt now, why do you always get lashes off by yourself? If you want to understand why Eyelash extensions are always so easy to fall off, first of all, we also need to know the conditions under which the eyelashes will fall off easily. Under normal circumstances, the eyelashes will easily fall off when they encounter some oily things. The real eyelashes cannot bear the weight of the false eyelashes. This will also cause their own eyelashes to fall. With good adhesion, it will fall off.
Eyelash extensions
The first reason that eyelashes fall easily is that the roots of the eyelashes are not cleaned so thoroughly. Under normal circumstances, the eyelash artist knows that if there is some grease or dust on the eyelashes, it is easier to fall off the grafted eyelashes if it is not cleaned. During the cleaning process, Among them, you must use some special cleaning liquid on the eyelashes. You can’t just save time and clean with clean water. Everyone knows that if you have some oily substances on your hands, we will use hand sanitizer. Or some soaps are used for cleaning. At present, there is no way for clean water to remove grease.
Eyelash extensions
So before you graft your eyelashes, be sure to thoroughly clean the eyelashes with a special cleaning solution for eyelashes. When you are cleaning, gently lift your upper eyelid with your left hand, exposing the roots of your eyelashes, and open your eyes, then use a cotton pad with cleaning solution, and gently wipe the roots of your eyelashes. In one direction, wipe three to five times.
The second reason why eyelashes are easy to fall is that you choose the wrong eyelash model. Many girls think that the longer the eyelashes are grafted, the better. However, at present, many people ignore the fact that their eyelashes are also bearable. Under normal circumstances, grafted eyelashes need to be about 1/3 longer than their own eyelashes, but some people choose a model that grows a lot longer than their own eyelashes in order to pursue the length, not depending on the growth of their own eyelashes.
There are three reasons why eyelashes are easy to fall off. The false eyelashes grafted up are placed in the wrong position. When many beautiful eyelashes are Eyelash extensions for you, the roots of the eyelashes are placed incorrectly. Under normal circumstances, the grafted eyelashes should be placed on the left and right sides of their eyelashes, 0.3 to 0.5 mm away from the current skin. distance. Because under normal circumstances, our eyelashes grow straight down. The false eyelashes have their own radians. The false lashes with radians and the straight real lashes. If you want the two lashes to be fully combined, they will only be in two cases. What happened: one is that your real eyelashes are bent, and the other is that your false eyelashes are straightened, but in these two cases, basically neither will happen.
If you want to keep your grafted eyelashes bent and upturned, and it is not easy to fall off, you must also completely overlap the root one-third of your grafted eyelashes and maintain the arc. The direction is the same.