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Why is the eyelash extensions easy to drop?

We all know that the transplanted eyelashes are very natural and beautiful, but many eyelash artists will encounter a problem that the transplanted eyelashes always fall off, more than ten and a half months, less than three or five days. So let's discuss what the reason is.

To understand why the eyelash extensions are easy to fall off, we first need to know what conditions, the eyelashes are easy to fall off. Under normal conditions, the eyelashes will fall off when they encounter oily things, and the eyelashes will fall off when the roots of the eyelashes are stuck. The first reason that the eyelashes are easy to fall off is that the roots of the eyelashes are not thoroughly cleaned. Under normal circumstances, most people know that if the oil and dust on the eyelashes are not cleaned, the eyelashes after transplantation will fall off easily. During the cleaning process, you must use a special cleaning solution on the eyelashes. Everyone knows that if the hands are covered with oily substances, we will use hand soap or soap to clean them. Water can't clean the oil. Therefore, be sure to thoroughly clean the eyelashes with a special cleaning solution before eyelash extensions. When cleaning, gently lift the eyelashes on the left hand to expose the roots of the eyelashes, but do not open your eyes. Gently wipe the roots of the eyelashes with a cotton cloth and wipe the roots of the eyelashes three to five times in one direction.

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The second reason why the eyelashes are easy to fall is that the type of eyelashes selected is wrong. Many girls think that the longer the eyelashes are grafted, the better, but many people ignore the fact that their eyelashes are enduring. In general, grafted false eyelashes need to be about 1/3 longer than their own eyelashes, but some people choose eyelashes that are much longer than their own eyelashes and are not based on the growth of their own eyelashes.

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In order to keep the eyelash extensions bent upwards and not easy to fall off, it is necessary to make the one-third of the root of the eyelashes after the transplantation completely match, and the art direction should be consistent.