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Why use Eyelashes Coating sealand after a Lash Extensions?

Eyelash coating Sealant, which is to make your eyelash extension waterproof, it doesn't matter even if you shed tears, and it has a finalizing effect. After 1 week of lash extensions, the eyelashes grow long and the grafted eyelashes start to stagger. If you don't like the sense of chaos, you can use a coating Sealant to give your eyelashes a good shape. And the coating sealant contains the maintenance element, so that it can maintain eyelash and it can maintain the uniformity of eyelash again.

In addition, the coating sealant also can be used for mascara applying. After the mascara is completely dry, eyelashes will not appear situation of "cockroach leg", the eyelashes will not be opened all day. After applying it, it can form an invisible protective film outside the lashes, completely separating the oil and water. And avoid eyelash shedding prematurely. The styling of eyelash is also very good, we no not need to worry about the circumstance that eyelash will collapse after use. This eyelash coat is applied to the outside of mascara, which can be waterproof and elongated eyelash!

Working principle
Eyelash coating sealand: it is a film that relies on the film to wrap or cover the surface of the makeup, to make a solid makeup effect, such as waterproof, makeup protecting, and smudge-proof. The general waterproof makeup is also added with the diaphragm, and the eyebrow coating sealand and eyelash coating sealand can be shared.

Method of operation
1. After finishing eyelash extensions, wait for the adhesive glue to dry completely
2. Remove the brush head to Z type way [i.e. - ↙ -)], from the base of the lashes (close to the eyelids) and then brush from the outside, let each of the eyelashes be wrapped and relive.

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