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Why your eyelashes always fall

Nowadays, many people are more beautiful. This is an era of looking at the face. Girls all want to make themselves more perfect. At present, many people want to make Your eyelashes become longer, so do you know why eyelashes are easy to fall? For example, the eye area is dry, which will cause your eyelashes to constantly fall off. Secondly, it may be that the connection of false eyelashes is uncomfortable. After the false eyelashes are attached to the roots, it will also affect the pores' breathing and perspiration; the other may also be caused by the chemical toxicity of cosmetics for a person who often applies makeup. Sometimes the eyes suffer from certain diseases that can cause their eyelashes to fall off.

false eyelashes

What is the main reason for frequent eyelash loss at present: Many people are very afraid of the natural eyelash loss, and they can't help wondering if there are any diseases in their body. So in order to solve everyone's problems, here are a few reasons why eyelashes naturally fall off. I hope you can stop worrying about this.

The first eye area is dry. Frequent use of mascara when applying makeup will also cause the eyelashes around the eyes to lose moisture and become drier, which will also cause the eyelashes to continue to fall off. Most of the mascaras currently on the market are added with vitamins and fibrin as the two main ingredients. However, since these two ingredients are mainly wrapped by certain pigments, they are currently used It is impossible to better exert some of its original maintenance effects, but it will also cause the eyelashes to fall because it is dry.

The second type of false eyelashes is uncomfortable to connect. Many girls like to apply false eyelashes when applying makeup. This will also make your eyes look more watery. However, since the root of the eyelashes is mainly one of the human sweat organs, sticking false eyelashes to the roots of the eyelashes will also affect the natural perspiration of the pores and breathe. Over time, it will also lead to swollen wheat and swollen eyelids. Becoming less and less.

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Chemical toxicity of a third cosmetic. No matter what kind of cosmetics are, they have certain chemical toxicity, and eye shadow and eyeliner are no exception. Some eyeshadows and eyeliners contain some chemical additives that do not meet various standards. Frequent use will also affect the normal growth of the eyelashes, which will mainly cause the eyelashes to fall off naturally. Lesions at the base of eyelashes and hair follicles.

The fourth kind of certain eye diseases. Sometimes the eye suffers from certain diseases that also cause the eyelashes to fall off naturally, such as long needle eyes and mitochondria. They also mainly affect the metabolism around the eyes, and eyelashes also fall off due to such conditions.

false eyelashes

Tips for remedy for eyelash loss: Sleeping with makeup will irritate your skin, making it easier for your eyelashes to fall off naturally. Every night, it is best to use a softer makeup remover to remove some mascara on the eyes. Choose some special makeup remover that can also soothe the eyes. It is not only effective. Clean and soothing your eyes in many ways. Use a makeup sponge to help apply the eye makeup remover, and then you can also gently wipe the eye makeup, which will also help to better solve some problems caused by eyelash loss.

Tip two: After removing the mascara every night, apply the conditioner for eyelashes. This is more helpful for the beautification of the eyelashes. It can also make the eyelashes better moisturized or use some eyelash enhancement essence. It is rich in active hair follicles and natural ingredients, which can better penetrate into your eyelashes and effectively stimulate them to grow within 14 days.

Tip three: Don't overuse the eyelash clips. If you must curl your lashes, try not to clamp your own lashes too tightly with a curler. Generally, it is best to clamp for 10 to 20 seconds. The longer the clamp, the greater the degree of damage to the eyelashes. The eyelash curler is a big reason for the eyelashes to fall off, so it is best to avoid using it as much as possible.

Tip 4: Avoid using some older make-up products, and label them for a long time to indicate that your cosmetics have been used for a long time, especially the makeup of your eyes.