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Will eyelash extensions get less on your own eyelashes?

First of all, the dream of most female friends is to have long, thick eyelash extensions. As a one-eyed girl with five senses, how can I not develop my strengths and avoid my weaknesses? You are really necessary for lazy people. Mascara is not good, but it also requires makeup removal. False eyelashes are not good enough, and grafting eyelashes have a certain effect on the eyelashes, but as long as the grafting is good, it can be naturally maintained well, and the damage to the eyelashes will not be great. But after all, the eyelashes are the hair closest to the eyes and the finest hair. Therefore, when choosing an eyelash transplant mechanism, you must choose a professional organization. eyelash extensions, glue and disinfection equipment used by formal professional institutions are trustworthy.

eyelash extensions
The technicians are also professionally trained to ensure clear adhesion of the roots of the eyelashes. Make sure your eyes are not damaged. Finally, try to keep it dry on the second day after the eyelashes are used up. Do not touch hot water, eye cream or face cream. If you have the habit of blinking, be sure to pay special attention not to use force. Remember to use the eyelash comb every morning to care for them. (Mascara can save a lot of time) Of course, false eyelashes will fall off with time and external force. We can fix it every other time (about ten days or so) to ensure that the eyelash extensions are even.
eyelash extensions
False eyelashes are generally related to the material, length, glue and craftsmanship of the eyelashes, so try to choose real hair with light texture, such as rabbit hair and mane. After 10 weeks, the eyelashes can reach their original length. Therefore, it is normal for the eyelashes to fall off without panic.