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Will silk eyelashes fall off easily after grafting?

When people makeup, they focus on the beautification of the eyes. They use fake eyelashes to modify the eyes and make the eyes more beautiful. The beautification of the eyes is very important in the whole makeup of the person, and the beauty of the eyes is easy to increase the value of the face. There are many ways to beautify the eye. Grafting the eyelashes is very simple. The silk lashes grafting operation is simple, and the eyelashes can be longer and curled after grafting.

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In fact, grafting eyelashes is to use false eyelashes to rub the eyelash glue, stick it on the root of the real eyelashes, and implement one-to-one grafting. After the true and false eyelashes are attached, there is no difference and it is more natural. The optional false eyelashes have artificial eyelashes. The texture is hard but the style and color are more suitable for all kinds of makeup needs. It is more suitable for novices to learn makeup. Grafting false eyelashes silk lashes grafting operation is simple, and the eyelashes can be longer and curled after grafting because it is soft and has a light texture. It does not collapse the original eyelashes and is suitable for everyday makeup. Of course, this type of false eyelashes is more expensive than the material's false eyelashes, and the quality is relatively guaranteed. If you have makeup requirements, you will choose this eyelash.

silk lashes

Will false eyelashes fall off after grafting? Grafting eyelashes and eyelashes are different. Grafting eyelashes are very simple to operate, using false eyelashes at a low price. The eyelashes are transplanted to the eyelashes with their own hair follicles to promote the survival of the hair follicles and to grow new eyelashes. The eyelashes are for the doctor to perform surgery to remove the hair follicle tissue, and then to the eyelash position. The operation is relatively complicated and the price is high, but the eyelashes last for a long time. Grafted silk lashes are maintained for 1-2 months, even for a short period of time. Daily eyelash maintenance is maintained, eyelashes are dropped less, and the maintenance time is longer, but the final grafted eyelashes are to fall off.