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Will the hairlashes fall off after planting?

The market for false eyelashes is in great demand because nowadays people use fake eyelashes to beautify their eyes. Why choose to paste false eyelashes? It is because the length, thickness and curling degree of the real eyelashes are not ideal, and the false eyelashes can easily achieve the effect. The technique of planting eyelashes is becoming more and more mature. Now the eyelashes can have a long retention period. Is the mink eyelashes used for planting?

mink eyelashes

Whether it is ordinary eyelashes or high-quality eyelashes for planting, the main thing is to look at the technology. If you want to make the eyelashes not fall off easily after planting, you can be assured of choosing a professional and qualified organization. Planting eyelashes in some small stores are not only expensive, but also the quality of the cultivation is not guaranteed. The eyelashes of the main material are closer to the real eyelashes. It is more realistic after planting. The eyelashes are definitely off, but this is longer than the normal eyelashes. If people usually pay attention, the retention period will be extended. Need good protection after planting eyelashes, pay attention to daily behavior, don't blink, don't rub your eyes, wash your face or makeup, you should also pay attention. The hair lashes have a long shelf life, and the shedding is a certain one. There is no problem with the retention period.

mink eyelashes

It is necessary to know clearly that false eyelashes are only for the purpose of decorating the eyes. It is impossible to stick the false eyelashes all the time. Usually, if you need makeup or some occasions, the false eyelashes will not fall off and the effect will be achieved. Planting eyelashes can make the eyelashes become longer and curled, and the effect of modifying the eyes is better. If the eyelashes are not planted, they will fall off quickly. It is possible to choose the mink eyelashes, which is longer than the normal eyelashes. It will not fall off and avoid secondary surgery.