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Will the lashes be cut longer?

Some people's lashes are long and beautiful from the time they are born, so they feel that the eyelashes have caused him obstacles. They always feel that their eyelashes are very long. It is always a hindrance because the eyelashes are sometimes not good. Because of the long eyelashes, sometimes the wind blows into the eyes, and it always feels very uncomfortable. So will the eyelashes be cut longer?


The result is that after the eyelashes are cut, it will still grow. If you don't cut it yourself, it will naturally fall off because the life of each eyelash is between three months and four months. Compared with before, many people I want to make my eyelashes very long, so I cut off the lashes, and then I will see your own hair growth rate. If you want to make the eyelashes grow quickly and effectively, you can apply some vitamin E, which can also help. The growth of the eyelashes provides the push. The eyelashes and the hair are the hairs in the body. After cutting off, you can grow up after a few days, but the eyelashes grow longer, between the hair and the eyelashes, due to absorption. Different from the nutrients supplied, the long speed is different. Before applying vitamin E, you can apply a better eye cream, which can provide an effective protective film between the skin and not affect the absorption of nutrients. It can also prevent the oily products from harming the skin. It only needs to apply the upper lashes. The lower eyelashes do not need to be applied, and can also be enjoyed in the process of blinking. When moist feeling.


Try not to use it before makeup, because oily eyelashes will make your makeup look in a short time, and don't use it for a long time. Excessive use will blur your vision and it will be easy for your vision. have negative impacts.

The above is the explanation for the eyelashes that will be long.