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The eyebrow extension shares the similar workmanship and technology as the eyelash extensions. Our eyebrow extensions include the 100% mink fur eyebrow extensions and the synthetic fiber eyebrow extensions. Although these two types of brow extensions are made of different materials and with somehow different workmanship or technology. They share more or less common features. Our brow extensions are a kind of semi permanent eyebrows which can last for much longer time than other eyebrow extensions. As a kind of brow extensions, the 100% mink fur eyebrow extensions are made from the mink fur, so such kind of eyebrow extensions are extremely soft and comfortable. In addition, the 100% mink fur eyebrow extensions provide different choices of color, like black or brown, totally depending on personal preference. Or you can have both colors to change your eyebrow once a while as you like. In addition, they are totally 100% cruelty-free, obtained by gently brushing live animals, without harming them. Every single lash is sterilized and hand assembled to ensure quality and durability.

The other type of the semi permanent eyebrows is the synthetic fiber eyebrow extensions. This type of false eyebrows extensions are made of the synthetic PBT fiber imported from Korea. Such fiber is exceptionally soft and comfortable. Moreover, the synthetic fiber eyebrow extensions also have different choices of color. What’s even more amazing, the synthetic fiber eyebrow extensions cost less than other types of eyebrow extensions. Such lower cost also contributes to the extensive popularity of the brow extensions. In addition to the reliable quality of our semi permanent eyebrows extensions, we also provide the complete eyelash and eyebrow product line. All of our eyebrow extensions offer a competitive price, so that they are more affordable to all age groups of ladies, especially for those young girls who are still studying in school or just graduated.

Moreover, we also provide different kinds of partnership including the wholesale service and the customized packaging service. To give effective help to our customers as much as possible is our constant aim.

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