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As the perfect market response of 3D silk lashes, we have continuously launched the 3D silk bandless lashes which are made with the state-of-the-art workmanship and technology to bring the prime silk fiber and clear lash band together. Since the silk clear band lashes are the same comfortable as the natural eyelashes, you will feel no difference from the inborn human eyelashes with these clear band eyelashes. Early as the first generation of false eyelashes emerged in the market, people are often obsessed with the uncomfortable feeling and the unnatural appearance of the fake eyelashes, so our factory continuously make an effort to invested to develop the more natural silk clear band lashes. Meanwhile, the 3D silk bandless lashes are also quite endurable. With good care, these reusable eyelashes can be used up to 25 times. A good rule is if you don't use them, please store the lashes in the case. In addition, when you remove these clear band eyelashes, please immediately peel off the remaining glue on the band and place lashes back in the box for future use. We also offer various lash box for these reusable eyelashes, you can put your logo on them and do any design you like on the box.

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