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The double layered hand tied eyelashes are the upgraded version of the single layered hand tied lashes. This indicates such double false eyelashes are also 100% made by hand. Moreover, compared with the common single layered eyelashes, the double false lashes are much thicker for it has been added with one more layer. As a result, the newly developed double false eyelashes make your eyes exceptionally bright and charming. At the same time, the double layered hand tied eyelashes are bestowed with the two dimensional effect, which also contributes to the uniqueness of your impressive eyes. What’s more amazing, the double layered hand tied eyelashes are able to perfectly integrate with the natural human lashes for the most subtle workmanship and the advanced technology adopted. This is the reason why such double false lashes are so comfortable and look so natural. Wearing the double layered hand tied eyelashes will help in a large extent to make your inborn lashes look so thick and natural due to the desired effect. In addition, if treated with appropriate care, our double layered hand tied eyelashes would be reused for many times, at least 7 uses. From this point of view, this new style of double false lashes is the most affordable fake lashes with most reasonable price.

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