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About us

As a professional eyelashes production facility, Sunny Fly Beauty Limited is dedicated in fashionable eyelash design, manufacture, sales and service. With more than 10 years’ experience, Sunny Fly Beauty Limited has gradually become a leading ...

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As an industry leader in false eyelashes, SUNNY FLY BEAUTY can provide you not only full range of eyelash products, but also excellent services you need to launch your business successfully. With a comprehensive package of services, we are ...


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If you are interested in any part of our products, please send your questions to or leave a message online. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • Do you know how to use false eyelashes normally?
    Do you know how to use false eyelashes n...


    There are also many people who are not very familiar with the normal use of false eyelashes. Be sure to use false eyelashes normally. Otherwise, the effect will not be the best. You must master some normal methods of use when using them. The first thing y
  • Do you want to know about false eyelashes?
    Do you want to know about false eyelashe...


    There are many types of false eyelashes. There are many things to know when buying fake eyelashes. If you want to buy a suitable false eyelash that suits you, you must understand your eye condition, because everyone's eyes are different, and it will inevi
  • Do you know which type of false eyelashes are suitable for you when you are grafting your eyelashes?
    Do you know which type of false eyelashe...


    You can choose from the density of eyelashes. The density of eyelashes is mainly divided into three types. The first one is natural type of false eyelashes. This type of eyelashes is a little longer than your own eyelashes. You like the natural false eyel
  • What are the consequences of often grafting eyelashes?
    What are the consequences of often graft...


    Let's first talk about grafting eyelashes using false eyelashes to graft onto your own eyelashes. When grafting, false eyelashes may bring a lot of bacteria. The false eyelashes used in grafting eyelashes are all made of animal skin and chemical products.